Chicken and Dumplings Recipe

I love chicken and dumplings. My mother never really made it so I am not at all sure why I have such fond memories of this dish, I just do and I’m chalking it up to the made-up childhood that I write about in my short stories. The one where my mom was emotionally supportive and nurtured our whole body and mind with cookies, oatmeal, and hugs! Yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

So why chicken and dumplings? It’s filling, tasty, comfort food and it’s easy to make which is a good thing because ordering it out at a restaurant is an exercise in mediocrity. It’s never made the way I like it- the chicken is flavorless; the dumplings are flat and tasteless; the comfort is just not there and I end up disappointed.

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Bedtime Routines

I’ve struggled with insomnia for years due to a combination of an over-active brain, chronic pain, anxiety, and not enough physical activity (for various reasons). A lack of sleep is the starting point numerous problems:

  • Inability to focus
  • Mood swings / Depression
  • Malnutrition
  • Overeating
  • Increased cortisol levels

Clearly, this is not a way to live. Back when my contract with GameTruck, LLC ended in July, I was determined to get on a good sleep schedule so that I could take control of my insomnia.

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Quick and Easy Paleo Stuffed Peppers Recipe

I have a dirty little secret: we’ve eaten out a lot since moving to Arizona. In fact eating out is such a large portion of our budget that sharing how much is actually embarrassing. There are so many restaurants, and the days move too quickly. Unfortunately, I haven’t really enjoyed a meal that we did not cook ourselves. At home, I try to stick to a more traditional style of cooking which means nutrient dense foods a lot of meat and veggies like Paleo Stuffed Peppers.

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5 Tips for The Happiness Engineer Application & Trial

My husband pointed out that in my first post I promised that the next one would give insight into the trial but I wrote about my family instead. What can I say? My family keeps me interested!

I completed my first official day on the job today as a Happiness Engineer and all I can say is that I love this place!

I do want to share some info about the trial because we’re hiring! If you are considering applying, there are some things you want to know. I don’t have the answer to getting your foot in the door. I don’t know what happened with those who did not make it or why some dropped out.

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All in the family

I spent today helping my husband set up his brand new blog. It’s not the first time that he has stepped into the blogging arena, but hopefully, this will be the one that sticks. His writing makes me smile and, of course, having him on this platform is a win for me too. #wordpressforlife

My daughter is also a blogger. We started her blog back when she was seven as a way to practice writing and keep in touch with our family in New York. It’s been neglected, but she agreed to begin writing again. I’m hoping this leads to more Web Design in her future.

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The obligatory “Welcome”

Hello World!

I’m Kristina (with a “K” and not a “C”; never Kris or Tina). On November 22, I was offered a chance to join the team at Automattic, the company behind et al. I accepted almost immediately and decided that I needed to document everything I could. This, is Yet Another Blog!

I applied for the Happiness Engineer position in late July or early August after reading various blogs and watching a few videos about going through the application process and working at Automattic. I love WordPress (the software) and the community that has grown around it but never imagined that I’d be working with Automattic despite seeing the “We’re Hiring” page over fifty-times as I checked out the career pages on the websites of some of my favorite companies.

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